Butterfly Battle

The Story of The Great Insect War


Butterfly Battle is aimed at children between the ages of nine to twelve, but crosses the age borders. Children of six to eight enjoyed the exciting fantasy when it was read to them at school. Adults have been captivated by the story.

Butterfly Battle is vigorously anti-war, but also shows that war is sometimes forced on us. Superwasps invade Leponea, a peaceful butterfly paradise. Robert and his sister Kim enter the insect world and join in the fight for freedom. The Superwasp characters symbolise Nazis and other fascists. The butterfly characters and their insect allies are like our grand parents and great grand parents, who had to make a stand and fight Hitler. Then the anti-war message: Robert who is fascinated with computer war games, soon discovers the awful reality of an actual war.

The soldiers are insects but behave like human soldiers. They fret and struggle to fall asleep before the battle. When the action begins, they fight bravely, but panic when the battle goes against them. The inhabitants of Leponea suffer alongside the many wounded soldiers..

This book promotes conservation and sparks an interest in insects. It delves into the mystery of life and death.

Price: 5.99Butterfly Battle children's book cover

ISBN: 978-0953384303                          Author: Neil Behrmann

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