Butterfly Battle children's book coverButterfly Battle is aimed at children between the ages of nine to twelve, but crosses the age borders. Children of six to eight enjoyed the exciting fantasy when it was read to them at school. Adults have been captivated by the story.

In this epic tale, a peaceful butterfly paradise is threatened by invading Superwasps.

Robert and Kim enter the insect world and become heroes in the war against the evil wasps.

The children shrink to the size of insects and Robert, helped by Kim, commands a huge army.

The soldiers are insects but behave like human soldiers. They fret and struggle to fall asleep before the battle. When the action begins, they fight bravely, but panic when the battle goes against them.

Robert soon learns about the reality of war. As he observes the suffering of his soldiers, his battle games become relics of childhood. The book is anti-war, but the story shows that sometimes force cannot be avoided. The insect allies decide they have no alternative but to fight against the fascism symbolised by the Superwasp dictatorship.

This children's book promotes conservation and sparks an interest in insects. It delves into the mystery of life and death.

Price: 3.99

ISBN: 0 9533843 0 6                          Author: Neil Behrmann

Available in Waterstone's, Dillons, WH Smith, Borders, Foyles, Blackwells and leading independent stores

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Butterfly fantasy

Butterfly Battle is copyright Neil Behrmann 1998. Images not specifically identified are taken with thanks from Corel Gallery Magic .

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